Who We Are:
The TBJ Alliance is a strategic alliance between the business entities of:
Advanced Genetic Services, Inc.    -  AGS
              Trent Wilson, Owner

Integrated Breeders Service, LLC  -  IBS
              Jeremy J. Price, Owner

Ovitra Biotechnology, Inc.              -  OBI
              Brad R. Lindsey, Owner
Purpose of the Alliance:

The purpose of this alliance is to provide our customers with the highest
quality and consistency of work and customer service through a mutually
agreed and exclusive work ethic, referral and support system.

In an age where larger businesses are cutting services, as small, independent
owners and operators of our respective businesses, we
are able to do the best
job for our customers by lending support and strength to each other as
necessary. These principles and our cooperative spirit were born out of
long-standing friendships with each other and our faith in God.

Thanks for taking the time to let us explain the "TBJ Alliance". We look
forward to
working with you or hearing from you soon!
What We Do:
We are each involved in bovine reproductive technologies. To learn
about us, please click on each of the business names above to
find out specifically who we are and what products & services we offer.
The TBJ Alliance
Look for the TBJ
Alliance shield as a
sign of quality,
consistency, &
customer service.